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Calm & Creative Essential Oil roller

Calm & Creative Essential Oil roller

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Our Calm & Creative essential oil roller is the perfect product to use to create a sense of calming creativity as you sit down to make something crafty! Our roller is designed to help you relax and feel inspired as you take the time to craft and create.

I created this oil roller blend to create a positive craft time routine. We all know the importance of sowing time doing what we love (in my case, crafting beautiful things with my hands) but at times we can feel guilty in taking the time to do so! I’ve found this roller blend so helpful in creating a crating ritual so I’ve decided I’d love to share it with others. 

Created in small batches here at Three Muscats Fibre Farm, our roller oil contains a blend of essential oils of Peppermint, Frankincense and Lavender to encourage creativity and calmness.
Just a small amount on your wrist and elbow pressure points is all you need.

No chemicals, no nasties, just a pure eco friendly, lovingly crafted roller oil blend! 

15 mls.

*** Our Fibre Lover’s hand balms partner beautifully with our Calm & Creative oil roller too! 



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